The key stakes of expert development

By definition an expert possesses a range of specific technical competencies. Developing experts within the organization therefore requires a very specific approach.

Indeed, competency and expertise are at the very heart of competitiveness in today’s business world. In an environment that is more and more global, the key challenge is to recruit and to retain these experts who are so in-demand.

What HR issues are associated with experts?

These “specific resources” need to be provided with “specific HR development” with two key aims:
  • Enrich the impact of their expertise
  • Recognise experts as essential contributors to performance
What are the benefits?

For the organization:

  • Enabling experts to conserve their expertise while at the same time acquiring management responsibility.
  • Creating a culture of exchange and knowledge sharing
  • Showing experts signs of recognition

 For the experts:

  • Communicating with non-experts and understanding human and business stakes.
  • Enriching their professional practice.
  • Developing their power of persuasion.
Experts for Experts

Thanks to our experience acquired with companies operating in the hi-tech sectors (e.g. ALCATEL, L’OREAL, CNRS), our experts are able to work hand-in-hand with you to build innovative solutions that are adapted to the key stakes of recruiting, developing and retaining high-level experts.