Members of Generation Y, the children of the digital revolution, are now arriving on the job market and shaking up the way things are done. Should this be seen as a conundrum or an opportunity in terms of providing HR support in today’s world?

Young people with different desires

The product of an ephemeral world, a world of immediacy, the young people of Generation Y are characterized by specific behaviour.

Gen-Y’ers are recognizable by the following traits:

IMMEDIACY: They are impatient, they want everything, and they want it now.

INNOVATION: They are supporters of the maxim “everything’s possible”; they are overflowing with new ideas that go beyond the bounds of established thinking.

ASSURANCE / POWER: They are confident in their abilities and are willing to give their all to obtain results.

NETWORKING: They are interconnected; they master the art of communication at different levels of proximity and confidentiality.

COOPERATION: Products of the peer-to-peer world, Gen-Y’ers live in an open world where information is co-constructed. They cannot imagine working without interaction.

MEANING: They are committed, they defend their values and they need their actions to be meaningful.

FLEXIBILITY: They are not pertrurbed by the changing world; on the contrary they see it as a new challenge to take up.

RESPONSIBILITY: They work best in a climate of mutual trust and respect. For them, authority is not a question of seniority but of competence and knowledge.

BALANCE: The young people of Generation Y are certainly committed and involved in their work, but they refuse to be defined solely by their work and their free time is very important to them.

REWARD / RECOGNITION: They want their efforts and their results to be given immediate recognition.

 What are the implications for the HR division?
  • Although conscious of the disruption caused by the arrival of this generation, HR people are nevertheless slow to get round to operational application.
  • There is therefore much room for improvement on this issue within companies, especially in terms of personalization, smoother communication and motivation management …
Food for thought for enhancing HR support for Generation Y:
  • Creation of convivial areas where people can enjoy interacting with one another
  • Personalized career management
  • Develop mentoring programs to pass on the culture and values on the company
  • Contractualize short-term objectives
  • Give people a wider scope of autonomy by increasing indirect supervision
  • Promote the use of “informal” communication tools: blogs, instant messaging …

However, this change at HR level but also in terms of management practice, will require large-scale adjustments, an area in which we can provide you with specialist input in the form of tailor-made programs focusing on leadership development and the management of expert communities.

Promoting your values

Your organization possesses key vales that you want to display, disseminate and dynamize.


Your values: Leading by example

Ever since the publication in 2001 of Collins’ “Good to Great”, a number of studies have confirmed the presence of strong values within companies that enjoy sustained success. Corporate culture is moulded by these values, whether they are implicit or explicit.

Besides putting these values into words, it is essential that leaders exemplify these values through their observable behaviour and daily actions.

Our consultant-coaches use a holistic approach to work with you on the values of your group, your company and your teams in order to help you to align your intentions, your language and your actions.

Input is provided in different forms:
  •  Interviews with team members, construction of action plans
  • Coaching the organization, its teams and its team members
  • Thematic action training on these values.

Through the use of tools for identifying these values in action, the promotion of exemplary behaviour, practice sharing between managers and collective coaching techniques the company is able to harness the potential of its people.