Peer group development & training for enthusiastic “seniors”


Leadership development is an ever-increasing challenge and a key stake for companies today.

As careers become longer, the HR function is faced with a growing need to find ways of motivating their “senior” populations (i.e. those who are over the age of 50), while also taking into account issues such as age diversity within teams; generation gaps that may engender culture clashes and communication difficulties.

Our solutions to such issues are co-built with our clients and are therefore completely tailor-made, offering a blend of different approaches such as personality profiles and team characteristics (MBTI, Belbin, Golden,…), individual development plans and associated coaching, group coaching, interactive conferences with renowned university speakers, top leader interview sessions and peer practice exchange groups.

A vast array of associated processes, such as 360° feedback, can also be integrated into such programs, with a view to changing certain preconceived ideas about older staff and fostering a mutual mindset shift.

Providing a boost to individual development processes, enhancing certain professional fields and expert channels are actions that become absolutely essential when the socio-professional dynamics  are making accession to management positions all the more difficult and also increasing the risk of “talent drain” towards competitors.

The method of collective coaching provides the ideal springboard for strengthening commitment and motivation, for increasing interaction and thus for exchanging best practices in order to further competency development and enhancement.